The Art of House Design and Blinds


Today I want to cover an important topic that I find not enough up and coming artists understand. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to be an artist. You don’t need to be classically trained to be an artist. Art and artists come in many forms, for instance, a house painter can be an artist if he produces work that is worthy of praise and recognition. The company I’m going to cover today is a blinds and shaes seller, but make no mistake, they’re also an artist.

Sure you’ve probably added blinds your bedroom before, but that doesn’t mean you’ve created a masterpiece. Budget Blinds has been selling blinds, curtain, and shades throughout the east end of Long Island for over 20 years. In case you’re not familiar with the area, the Hamptons on Long Island contain some of the state’s most expensive pieces of real estate (and as a result, also contains some of the state’s pickiest clients). This means the blinds can’t be second-rate, only world-class work will do. That’s what budget blinds delivers, world-class custom house blinds and shades.


Budget Blinds knows every time they finish a project, theirname and reputation is on the line. That’s why they only uses the highest-quality blinds for his projects. It’s also why he works with each of his clients directly to figure out not only what they need, but what they’ll love. It’s this passion and attention to detail that sets true artists apart. Are you approaching your projects with the intention of making them the best they can be, or do you approach them with the intention of completing them as quickly as possible? A true artist loves his work. I’m half-joking, but Subway employees who really pay attention to their craft ARE “Sandwich artists”. It’s about the passion to keep learning and keep providing your clients with exceptional work that will set you apart, that’s why Budget blinds has sold blinds and shades from the Hamptons to the west border of Long Island.

So why am I highlighting a local New York house blind seller on a design blog? I want all of my readers to realize that works of art are all around you. Some intended and some unintended. You need to be on the lookout for art as you’re exploring the world around you. Photographers are excellent at this as they are survey the world around them for moments of beauty they can capture. As an artist or designer you need to do the same thing. Look at the world and workers around you and draw inspiration from their work. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into their passion the same way you do. Learn to appreciate it.

Check out Budget Blinds to begin your journey into “everyday” art